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Online Training Courses

Here is an overview of the online training courses available for purchase here, if you wish to view a sample of the course content please press the Play button on the associated image below. For more details on a course click on "more info" link or "add to cart" if you wish to purchase the course.

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Online Courses

GDP Driver Training

Subject topics:
What is GDP? Who are the Irish Medicines Board? What is my responsibility as a driver? Collections & Deliveries to Customers, Security in Transit, Transportation & Vehicle Standards, Documentation requirements
purchase: €80.00 | More info | Add to Cart

Introduction to Good Manufacturing and Good Distribution Practice

Subject topics include:
Importance of Supply Chain Integrity, Underlying Principles of Patient Safety, How is Patient Safety achieved through GDP, GMP – The Road Map to Product Quality, Management and Distribution of Pharmaceutical Pr...

purchase: €145.00 | More info | Add to Cart
Module 1 – Temperature Controlled Logistics

Subject topics include:
Fundamentals of Temperature and Humidity for Life Sciences Products, Underlying Principles of Patient Safety , Controlled Temperature Environments for Life Science Products, Cold Chain Distribution and Transportation...

purchase: €295.00 | More info | Add to Cart
Module 2 - Anti-Counterfeiting

Subject topics include:
Counterfeit and Falsified Medicinal Products, Impact of Counterfeit and Falsified Medicinal Products on Patient Safety, Quality Management Systems, Technologies and Current Trends in Ant-Counterfeiting methods.


purchase: €295.00 | More info | Add to Cart
Module 3 - Packaging

Subject topics include:
Packaging and Package labels for Life Sciences Products, Packaging along the Supply Chain, Process and Pack Considerations for Medical Products, Production and Environmental Impact of Packaging and Packaging Operatio...

purchase: €295.00 | More info | Add to Cart
Module 4 - Customs and Licensing I

Subject topics include:
Introduction to Customs and Licensing, Medicinal Products in Europe, Medical Devices in Europe, Manufacturers and Wholesalers Licences, Customs Environments and Processes, Commodity Codes and Tariffs. purchase: €390.00 | More info | Add to Cart