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About Us

Life Sciences Ireland was established by the Irish Exporters Association (IEA) in 2007 to address supply chain issues in the life sciences industry and to develop and deliver training for the logistics, transport and storage industry. In the process ensuring that the manufacturers in the Life Sciences sector in Ireland could lead the way by ensuring a regulated, safe and efficient supply chain system for getting their products delivered to international markets and the consumer in those markets.

Specifically, the Life Sciences Ireland grouping is focused on driving export excellence in life sciences by supporting the following critical business areas:

  1. Logistical Efficiency - promoting and providing access to the latest cost reduction and supply chain efficiency improvement techniques and opportunities.

  2. Material Quality Control – assisting life sciences companies and those serving the industry to keep up to speed in the latest material handling and environmental control methods and standards.Good Distribution Practices – Benchmarking the standard for the industry and promoting its use by all service providers regionally and internationally.

  3. Regulatory Response – providing training and support to enhance the sector’s ‘rapid response’ capability to changing regulations and standards.

  4. Good Manufacturing Practice – Supporting companies achieve and maintain their GMP standards in line with HPRA and international regulatory body requirements

  5. Lobbying – ensuring that companies within the sector in Ireland have the opportunity to have their views represented at WHO, EU and national government to ensure any new or proposed changes to legislation are efficiently processed.